MTicket System

MTicket system is fully user-friendly, thus enabling greater optimization and standardization, but also the acceleration of all work processes, more efficient visibility of work and business...

MTicket System is designed to facilitate the work of all users in generating tickets, their validation and registration, as well as control of entry to the facilities for which tickets are intended. This system has a wide application, so it is suitable for museums, aquariums, galleries, cinemas, concerts, but also other cultural, artistic and sports events.

This system consists of bound applications via a central database:





MTicket System has the necessary functionalities for:

  • Managing user accounts
  • Generating tickets and QR codes
  • Registering tickets
  • View of statistics of entrance to the facilities for which tickets are intended

Managing user accounts

MTicket System has a special administrator section related to access controls in the system, as well as easy and simple codebook management.

Panel for users with roles

Generating tickets and QR codes

Through MTicket System tickets are generated as a set containing a certain number of tickets. Tickets contain predefined parameters:

  • The duration of the ticket
  • Height and width of QR code 

Codes generated in this manner appear as.jpg files that can be downloaded format and sent to print.

Ticket registration

Ticket registration is made possible by using mobile or web application.

View and registration ticket with QR code


Based on the entered data (generated, registered tickets) we get different types of reports:

  • Report on visits
  • Report on used tickets

Reports are generated in Microsoft Excel based on data submitted by the user.

Android app

Ticket control is performed when entering the facilities using the MTicket app.

The operator logs in to the facility for which he will control the tickets. By logging in to the system, the operator is enabled to scan QR codes using the camera of a mobile device.

Advantages of MTicketing System

MTicket system is fully user-friendly, thus enabling greater optimization and standardization, but also the acceleration of all work processes. The system is very transparent, and in accordance with that, it enables better control and planning. System achieves great protection against unauthorized access.

MTicketing System enables:

  • Fast and easy ticket registration
  • Fast and easy ticket control
  • Minimal margin of error due to appropriate validations during input and control
  • Generating different kinds of reports

All users are provided with ongoing support by Chicom's software implementation team.

Technologies used:

  • .NET Core
  • Xamarin.Android
  • SQL DB
  • REST

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