Čikom printing solution

Improve your printing system

Printing and copying is an expense that is not managed in most companies. One of the recent studies showed that 17% ukupno odštampanog materijala na zastarjelim štampačima ide na otpad, što predstavlja skrivene troškove za vašu kompaniju i ima negativan uticaj na okolinu.

Benefits of our solution


Reduce the number of printers and scanners using "All in One" devices. With the help of our team, one of our clients managed to reduce the number of printers and scanners from 100 to just 4, which greatly reduced the electricity bill, and the number of IT staff interventions.

Upravljanje štampom

Managing printing improves efficiency by reducing unneeded printing. Our solution allows for safe access control, and improves employee efficiency. Printing tasks can be sent from anywhere within your network and allow for safe printing on any device.


Our support team with high level of technical knowledge is always at your disposal.


Sustainability makes sense, not only for the environment, but also financially. Printing products that we implement are made to last, and with proper maintenance they will last for years.


  • Analysis of the existing situation
  • Savings assessment
  • Planning and implementation of the solution
  • Delivery of certified supplies
  • Maintenance


Where we implemented our solution

Implementation of our solution in Capital City Podgorica

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