CultDMap - Interactive cultural digital map of Montenegro

Our vision

This project is co-financed by the European Union under the IPA funding scheme. Its made in cooperation with Faculty of Arts UDG.

CultDMap project is designed to foster innovation in Montenegrin tourism, through the digitization of cultural heritage by building new services and products to maximize usability, availability, and reuse both nationally and internationally. Our specific goals are:

  1. Encouraging research in culture and the arts, as well as ICT technology
  2. Creating innovative digitized content enhanced by web services as well as mobile applications
  3. Demonstrate strong potential for generating commercial innovation through start-ups, commercialization of knowledge and intellectual property.
  4. Ensuring cooperation with key stakeholders at the national level.
  5. Develop innovative ideas in business, academy and civil sector in MNE that will be applied through implementation of innovative projects

How it works?

To complement the app, and to provide tourists with a souvenir that will represent a window into Montenegrin cultural heritage a high quality physical guidebook with QR codes will be created.

Users will be able to scan the QR code of a particular cultural heritage

They will then be taken to our web application where they will be able to read more about the location they scanned.

Our starting point - Nikšić

The pilot municipality on this project is the Municipality of Niksic, and that's because Niksic is territorially the largest municipality in Montenegro, and once was the largest in Yugoslavia.

Niksic is known for the richness of its cultural layers and the numerous cultural and historical monuments. Niksic gave birth to a number of internationally important intellectuals and authors in the field of literature, film, theater, etc. The overall picture of Niksic's cultural treasure and valuable heritage is not sufficiently recognized. Our project will enable the improvement of visibility, and strengthening of all the potentials of this city. We believe this has potential to make Nikšić a popular tourist destination, encompassing all its natural beauties and cultural and historical sights.

After Niksic, CultDMap project resources, database and web services can be used to map the whole Montenegro, Balkans, or even Europe...

Research and Innovation

Within the project itself, young researchers have been hired in the field of innovation and research with the aim of strengthening the scientific community and making a great contributions .As for young researchers, they include: doctoral students in the field of communication and art, doctoral students in the field of culture and art, and young recognized researchers who are partners in this project, from Faculty of Arts UDG. In the field of ICT technologies, employees from company Cikom are working on the project. Cikom is one of the most successful Montenegrin ICT companies with over 60 employed engineers in this field.

CultDMap will aim to foster innovation in tourism of Montenegro, through digitization of cultural heritage by building new services and products to maximize usability, accessibility, availability and reusability at national and international level.

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