Čikom begins the development of inspection IS for Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

As part of the USAID E-Government Project, on April 11, 2022, a kickoff meeting was held in Sarajevo - the beginning of the development of inspection information systems of the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs E-inspector 2 and the upgrade of BIMS (Border Inspections Managemet System). control of the correctness of goods and objects in cross-border traffic). The presentations were attended by representatives of the USAID Mission in BiH, representatives of the USAID E-Government Project as well as the entire administration, senior officials and chief inspectors of the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs and part of the project team from Čikom that will implement the project.

The Director of Čikom, Mr. Vladan Tabaš, addressed the audience and expressed great gratitude for recognizing the knowledge and expertise that Čikom has thanks to a large number of developed inspection systems in Montenegro over the past 15 years. Tabaš presented the capacities of Čikom developed for almost 30 years as the company exists and introduced the participants to the Management Plan of the new project. . In this way, the attendees were introduced to the planned concept of work, and had the opportunity to make a brief parallel between the system in Montenegro and the one to be developed for inspection services in the Federation of BiH.

Mr. Anis Ajdinović, Director of the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs, emphasized the importance of digitalization and modernization of the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs, as a control mechanism of great importance for the business community and the development of the business environment. It was emphasized that the project will enable a significant step forward in terms of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of inspections, and the new system will strengthen the existing anti-corruption mechanisms of the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs.

Certainly, Čikom will strive to serve as an example for the improvement of inspection systems at the level of cantons in FBiH, but also outside BiH - just as Mr. Ajdinović stated.

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